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Never Would
Have Happened
In Dry Gulch Wyoming
New York City’s Concealed
Carry Restriction Left That Tree
Without Means Of Self Protection
It Is A Lesson To Be Heeded By Us All
Makes One
Little More
Than Kindling


The Fox Tree is Burning

I can’t blame Tucker for playing the fool
while watching his tree fireball.
Sure, there’s blood on his hands –
all turned to White Power now
churning out hate ratings like a devil
dancing on a Q sponsored non-stick
miracle metal griddle.
We need the amplification.
It’s not like everyone can hear the frantic
chirps of Mike Lindell
through those soft soft pillows.
So crank Lee Greenwood’s one a
and only song at a safe distance,
take our pride to the streets of Kenosha.
take refuge in the safe investment of Gold’s future
hail our weekly installment of purchase-power
brought forth from
lifelines of reverse mortgage credit.
It is the power of fire,
of words once only fit for whisper
now broadcast live, coast to coast.
Forget this fire,
this flaming (in a non-sexual
stereotype sense) Christmas Tree
and be sure to
stay tuned for the fire next time.

after E.Hassan


John Stickney is a poet and writer originally from Cleveland, Ohio, currently residing in the Wilmington, NC area.