Muse Vs. Fake News: Keeping Up With The Insanity

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Over the past half-decade, the United States has been subjected to arguably the largest disinformation movement in history with more signs of speeding up even in spite of (or because of) Trump’s defeat to Joe Biden.

How do you catch the zeitgeist and sort it out from the real world–let alone write about it– when the zeitgeist has to potential to turn on less than a moment’s notice.

\While art and satire’s effectiveness in overthrowing would-be fascists is debatable, they definitely serve as the one voice of sanity among both the violent and the silently complicit.

Let’s do more to mark the world as we see it in real time. It could potentially be our greatest contribution as writers.

Join Chad Parenteau as he guides participants through techniques and styles of quick response time while showing various published examples over the last few years.

By the workshop’s end, you will hopefully move towards writing a finished piece based on a moment of information (or disinformation) that gave you pause, whether it’s a conspiracy email from family or a “Stop the Steal” demonstration witnessed in your hometown.

As part of the “homework,” you are recommended to study some of the QAnon type stories or other false claims being perpetuated online. If there is one you would be interested in turning into a poem, email it to Chad at so the group can follow along if necessary.

Good “sources” of these type of stories include Alex Jones’ infamous Infowars web site, the alt-right video hosting site Bitchute, or lesser known sites like Before It’s News. Other sources from more mainstream but alt-right sympathetic sources like Fox News and Boston Herald are also acceptable.

For an excellent primer in recent movements, check out Dan Olson’s excellent documentary/informational video, “In Search of a Flat Earth.”

This is an all-ages event with a suggested donation of $10.00.

A Part of Future/No Future Workshop Series

Beginning December 23, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. (EST)


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