depression hits worse
when there’s no one to talk to
I made a mold of a church
and then i took a walk through
and in my mind i said, “I’m dead”
and to far gone, I need a new birth instead
I gotta find God.

And when I asked him questions, brethren
he opened up my eyes
to this suggestion
and now I gotta try,
to find positivity where ever i walk
and when I’m down, find someone to talk
and when I’m too far gone, I can give him a shout
and let him in my head, and broom the demons out.

because my head needs cleaning
and my heart still beating
and you call this freedom
and I say, I’m with you.

But when my mind keeps stealing
and my heart feels cheated
I know I gotta keep breathing
through this world i walk through

Cause when my head starts bleeding
at the rocks you throw,
I know I gotta catch em, if I’m ever gonna grow
and when my mind plays tricks, like it always does
i gotta give my soul up, in God I must trust

and I know I am a scientist
i know it when I write this,
that medication helped me through
with no scars on my wrists
but, the worlds big business
and I am just a small guy
seeing the world for what it is,
eyes open for the first time.

Not the last time, I know I’m sick
I know it, I got mental illness,
and I know I’m fixed
and when I get down, I got to realize this

that a scientist with the help of God
helped me write this.

and I know I’m sick and I can deal with it
my head is fixed, and I can’t go back
and I know I’m sick just a mental misfit
with two soldiers on my shoulder
and a three on my back

and I know I’m sick, but I know I’m fine
a scientist on the mind, with God on my side
and that Ladies and Gentleman is

why I write.

to kill the demons one word at a time.