Weird how the world trembled
when they listened to my mental.
Stole the science from a scientist
and now I can write this.

Soulful, the mind grows.
A single prick from the thorn
of a rose.

All art done by Rob Martin an Original Oddball 2009

The blood that leaks from the
finger of the rose splinter
writes like a caged lion
inside during winter.

Busting out each lyric
like I got the spirit
of ten, writing dozens
of poems

and my heart is Zen.

I keep my mind controlled
wherever I go,
and i got pain in my head
but I still got the flow.

My mind is like a basket,
takes the good with the bad
and keeps it all inside
till I let it out with the pen.

Makes sense, to me
that writing is my voice
cause I’ve been down for so long.

The man with a city on his back 2007

But I keep on writing, trying like hell to be good.
To be a great person, and inspire a flood of love.

‘Cause I’m not the only one
who’s got problems under the sun
but I got a lot of bullshit,
more then anyone.

See Sense One is my name,
science is what I drop.
I could adopt science
cause Sense is already
taken, but science is what i drop
that sends the earth quaking.

‘Cause writing rhymes is fun to me
got it on the mac, but one day a PC.
Got Adobe InDesign,

and put out my magazine at weeks at a time.
And online, they show no love,
but the streets I walk are lined with people
who good or bad, they ain’t evil.
Just people trying to live.
You call us mental misfits,

but a psyche ward celebrity
couldn’t miss this.

just another oddball doing his thing

Yeah, I love to write
been doing it so long
and my name is Jay, right?

So I got the song,
and I gotta keep on singing,
cause the cats out there
are grinning and winning.

And I love hip-hop.

But I know I’m just a poet
but I write these rhymes
because I know I’m a poet.

Man, poetry is free,
just to be me.

I don’t rhyme in 16 bars
but I love writing
and looking at the stars.

See the ocean, it’s killing me
cause the ocean is my heart.

I love it it’s like a mother to me

and the oil that got dropped
wasn’t science.

it was bullshit, and wrong
and now we show defiance!

‘Cause oil in my well,
don’t make me feel well.
Man, I miss the ocean
the seas calming. In and out.
breathing and receding…
breathing and receding…
the ebb and the flow.

The calm, you feel
gone with an oil spill…

Sad but true.

Now I never have been an
advocate for nothing,

never got caught up in the
government’s elections.

Never stood in line
with picket signs

never been one to shout

but now, you take the ocean from us
Yo people, we need to get loud!

I just want to help
Surf Rider in any way that I can.

‘Cause i was down with Surfrider
when they were only ten.

Oddballians join Surfrider! Lets make a difference!

Just another jagged thought by Jason

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