“Quandary” © Edward Supranowicz

not reading too much

watched too much tv last night
can’t just sit on a rock
because a rock is not my place
ticks crawling all over me all day
somehow i must have stepped in a nest
the labyrinth has no king
i believe explorers and scientists wiggle through extraordinary passages
but they don’t own them
poets look for shapes beyond the shapes
your mom waits for you to come home
coming downhill
last night i could imagine the young beetlebungs in front of the pines growing big
when those trees suffer from juglone
scattered generational changes add energy health and resiliency to an ecosystem
almost 5
the sun is hot on my face
i wanted to get down to the harbor
work on the boat tonight


no expectations

smoking makes me sleepy
caffeine makes me thirsty
sleep makes me restless
water makes me pee
i keep taking jobs and getting bored
getting on boats and feeling awful
smoking weed and falling asleep
somehow a bunch of stuff seemed different
when i could smoke a bunch of weed and stay up really late


not needing anyone

the exciting thing
being able to row out and raise sails another time
to sprint over the water
on another day in the sunlight
to watch a bright moon rise after it fades
to drop an anchor
between the green marker in front of the jetty and Dogfish Bar
in the roll
coming off the sound
dreams find you
and the anchor holds


Harry Ricciardi loves Tu Fu.

Edward Michael Supranowicz, has had artwork and poems published in the US and other countries. Both sides of his family worked in the coalmines and steel mills of Appalachia.