Here is a rose, my dad said. He said that every tree gets trampled by the wild rose. I guess I understand what that means. In a nut shell, it means follow your dreams.

Makes Sense to me, because writing is my destiny, been writing so long it all comes naturally, and I do it for you but mostly for me. Every word, is an obstacle, every thought an illusion, or an allusion, or a protrusion, or just confusing. But life is so beautiful. Being to write, and having both my mind, and my heart together, is a gift. It’s been so long I could say that without taking a trip. Meaning when I walked 36 miles up on the high way, to get to Brittney, and all that bullshit, that seemed so decieving.

But it is 2010, and Sense is back at again, still wishing to go to the moon, because we could get there soon. Cause it would be so cool, to live on the moon. The coolest thing, I can think of, it is amazing, to think, that someone could live on the moon. It seems so cold and desolate, but I could live with my friends and family, or just me, and it is as dream. So when my dad told me about the wild rose, I realized you can’t stop dreaming. You can never stop dreaming. It’s so beautiful, being able to put these words together. It really is, cause i could never dream this. Also, i talked about science expanding, in my last poem. But while your at home, you gotta be on point. The world can be scary at times. But not for me, I think it is a challenge, that I love to take. In my head, I am already there. There is a comic to prove it.

just another jagged thought by jason.