Alright, give baby a concussion. Give Perkins some bullshit technicals. Time to get tough Boston. No more mister nice guys. Boston has historically been known as a class act team. We have fought through the years, the Lakers, The Pistons, Atlanta, and now Orlando. Orlando? Seriously. Let’s get it straight Boston basketball has the best fans in the world. Let’s get strong Boston. We all need to believe in Boston. Basketball is a war. It’s a beautiful war, but still it’s a war. Boston it’s no longer time for a civil game. We need to play tough, beat the boards, and step up to the challenge.

Every Boston fan, knows that we have to believe in Boston. The Celtics are the best team in basketball. And I don’t care if you disagree with me. Even if we lose every game, Boston is still the best team in basketball. We are a dynasty. Orlando? Come on, they’re a young team, strong, physical, but unexperienced. But they put us in the corner tonight. Beat the body, and took head shots. But it’s time to fight back. Boston, come together as a team, as a nation. Let’s beat the magic out of the magic. We need to guard the threes, and find strength in the garden crowd.

Boston is a brotherhood, KG, the big three, perk and rajon, big baby got elbowed in the head, and still got up. We are on the ropes, Boston. Time to get tough, and show the Magic, who they’re fucking with.

Believe in Boston.

just another jagged thought by jason