Vida Femme XLII
Fatale vital
Storyline bends
Cursive off line
From lead or pen
Panel channel thoughts of the head
Bemba red
No other myth
Film Noir
On lips
A siren’s wink
XLII to think
From blood to ink
Fresh from the amniotic sac
Born into the arms of a power back
First on the frontline for any attack
You call him Sire.
I got to call him Dad.
Fresh from the uterus of the glorious reincarnation of a one incarnation
Bonded real quick
She carried me into the floating nation
Heart beat vibrations until her last breath
I still rest on my Momma’s chest
Still bare the bloodline crest
Vida Femme
Soft like quicksand
It’s the Astro in me
I take it all in
Drowning like the bottom of the sea
Lungs inhaling crystals unseen
Exhaling bubbles surfacing
That’s life
42 shell casings
Struggle and victories
The best laugh I have is the laugh about me
I took that too seriously
Damn I fought that too strongly
Damn I almost forgot I got me
Giggling 42 times at 365 60 seconds into 24 hours I lost count but not my mind
Lost direction but not time
It’s mine
I saw I am the sculptor once the nest came undone
Wasn’t caught with a worm in my mouth
I fast like it’s love
The day begins when I open my eyes
I don’t open my eyes to a new day
Linear time illusionary like Blaine
Give me as they’re counted
42 more then another infinite 24
Give me re-life as a woman again or return as the men I’ve been
Give me all the challenges we must face
Give you Dignity and Grace
It’s a real woman’s way
A real woman’s way
Femme Fatale
Not even
Empress Queen
Keep dreaming
Healer Priestess
Sees scheming
Not this life
Heavens Yes
That’s the real shit
Shell casings around lives chalked
Listen bitches
I walked and talked
Others gagged and balked
It never fucked me up
I made peace with my enemy
Look at me best friends with me
Give me life
Give me life
Give me life
Living is the ultimate dream
Goddess Damn have the drums create themselves to your beat
Have the drummers follow your lead
Like bomba
Be the heat in the sombra
Love yourself
Don’t be Tonta
XLII we are here because it ain’t ovah
I see the sun & I love that We’re getting closer
It’s not conceit if I want to hold her
My reflection
Imperfect beast
Scarred flawed and unbeat
Stick and move
Bob and weave
Crowned with an Olympic wreath
I see you too Champions breaking through
No matter what number you’re at when you realize it
The best thing to ever happen to you is YOU.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.