You’re Safe.
You’re Safe.
I kept telling my inner child.
I needed her to let go.
I needed my presence in the present.
She kept me looking back.
To make sure she was Safe.
You’re Safe.
You’re Safe.
You’re so safe that I can assure you there will be no further harm
Please my love let go of my arm
And return to childhood.
I promise you I will not lead you to abuse
I promise you I will not keep you in abuse
You’ve been strong for long enough my child.
Please return to childhood and enjoy your innocence.
You I will not forget
But myself I must remember.

You my beautiful daughter who was preyed upon who did not develop in care
          who was not able to have no cares who bloomed in fear and reasons
          would never cease.
My beautiful innocent magnetic to demons and predators
Absent of protectors
It was too late.

My innocent, who rode merry-go-rounds that appealed to your need to heal           your ability to feel another’s imbalanced reel you’d empathize and seek to
Their wounds too
Caring too much for others because you were unrecognizable to you

You felt forgotten so often
You’d forget you too.

You’re Seen.

You are free

Look at Me
Courage exhibiting
I promise, there is no monster I cannot face
That you first had to face
And from return to grace

Victorious yet Afraid.

I am because you were.
I am for Us a warrior
But your fears my darling dear are just too near
To my heart

You are not being left in the dark
The light has been shone on every bone the closet monsters hide in holds
We’re not afraid anymore.
There is nothing now behind that door.

You’re Safe.
You’re Safe.

Please see it in my face
The ending of rage, dark days, numbing ways, escapes, realities erased
to erase reality

We’re Safe
We’re Sane

You’re Safe.

I’m safe.

We live each day loved forgiven understood unafraid embraced safe

The Way.

My darling little sister, elevate & play.

You’re Safe



Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.