The incredible crews of Urban Sanctuary and Get Open Sessions bring their Heal & Release series to Boston this Saturday, July 15th along with Lift As We Climb!

A peek was given a few weeks ago while discussing Lift As We Climb’s Soulstice Celebration, and this week’s article will give you all it can about this Saturday’s Heal & Release!!

This event is a powerhouse collaboration combining music, dance and art with earth and energy practices.

Arrive early for a Yoga session led by Wellness Warrior, Linda Wells. Open your minds and embrace the knowledge of Luana Morales, Nahdra Ra Kiros and Irischa Valentin, who, along with Linda, are Women of medicinal and learn and/or participate in Reiki, Qi Qong and Botanics to name a few practices. Knowledge is power and these women are Power-Full.

This is where you Heal.depths and guidance. Be present for opening ceremony

“Art educator, illustrator, puppeteer, muralist and graffiti artist” Barrington Edwards will be presenting a live painting art installation during these awesome festivities. He’ll be doing “some large scale figurative painting on canvas” and “art materials and activities for kids and/or adults to make art too” will be available. Everyone inspired! Everybody Art.

DJs Deep Just, Hassan Shabazz, MykBzsh, Jesse Cardoso and Maurice Wilkey will be joined by DJ/Producer/Pioneer Legend Josh Milan on deck bringing to Malibu Beach Dorchester 8 hours of what is sure to be incredibly thumping and moving music! CAN YOU FEEL IT?!!!

On its Facebookpage, GetOpen Sessions testifies that these events “bridges the gap between House music and holistic health” and also brings “healing through art and music.” Be there, testify, witness. This is a coming-together to serve a Love purpose. “Could you be loved?” This is a day of intention.

“The GetOpen Sessions Park Tour’s mission is the realization of the GetOpen Sessions vision in a community friendly and family oriented outdoor environment by teaming with local events, community groups and holistic service providers.” Heal & Release Boston 2017 is this mission in form!

“Lift As We Climb works to unify DJs, dancers, artists, and community leaders, and raise funds for arts and youth organizations.” If you attended the absolutely lovely Soulstice Celebration, or any other past LAWC events, you know the unification is real and the gathering of local peoples is a family affair.

Boston is very fortunate for the collaboration between Urban Sanctuary, (NJ), GetOpen Sessions (NY) and Lift As We Climb (BOS). To have a day outdoors with no limit to the amount of love that gathers, no age too young or too elder, no mountain high enough, is a gift. I hope you all plan on attending! It is a day that is so good for You! From a fellow Earthling who is still glowing from the Soulstice Celebration 2 weeks ago! These are the moments!

Organizers advise “Don’t forget your dance shoes, picnic baskets, and blankets,tents, chairs, open hearts and minds and above all, POSITIVE ENERGY!”

There aren’t enough words. Fill your hearts and the hearts of others. #HEALANDRELEASE

Heal & Release Boston, 2017, Saturday, July 15th, Malibu Beach, Dorchester, 11 a.m.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.