Today I am realizing my joy was upsetting and my insistence of surviving with happiness
Seemed selfish

According to.

Is it selfish?
To not drop guard?

To hold on to your lungs while sharing the struggle to exhale
Is it realistic to witness or hold another’s sorrow while exuding joy simultaneously?

Is it disrespectful to stand in your non fight or flight learned mode of perspective endurance?

Should you separate yourself from yourself when engaging in defending another’s peace? Will it make it more peaceful for them?

Martyrdom Calling.

Leave a message that will go unheard.

Standing as your Self while engaged is how you stay above the dirt.

How others may accept the moment to release their hurt

Through words.

Or not.

Your Self may be tightening their knots.

We don’t need forget me nots.

Pain is not to be remembered.

Remove thorns.

I refuse to make excuses for others

Those who leave
Who discard
Who no longer share with me

They had their reasons

I will not disturb my sleep at night with questions

Goodbye is love
Goodbye is self-love

Goodbye Love

I refuse to explain myself
For why I too have left, discarded, withdrawn

That’s Life

We must survive.

Old friend recycled strangers

It’s not personal
It’s life.

Present Ties

Love Is.

Surface is glanced as the All defined

Some polishing surface to hall of mirrors shine
Smoke filled to remain untouched
The pain living in bones
No one is home
You’ve laid shame as the mat to the door

A chameleon
A mirage

Ebb and flow
Not disappear.

Embrace Support.

Stripped to core voluntarily is a God sent trust
Not many seek to find
Not many seem to earn

Knowing another without assumption or projection or expectation
Is Divine

We practice
We gain
We separate

Sometimes another’s joy seems so impossible you choose to believe the lies you were raised on
And create bigger myths around safe words on the skin of your surface
As an attempt to smile

Believe yourself the new truth
Effortless smile

Sometimes separation occurs when your life seems disrespectful to another’s current state

When the state of their cage becomes a rage facing your freedom

A freedom you shared
A cage whose bars you were attempting to melt down
Without burning yourself

Patiently listening to the unspoken
Is a gift given
To hearts
Sometimes the sacred clown is holding down their last thread
Surface seems insane unhinged
Core whispering
“Wanna really know me?”

Surface not lying
Sacred effort in not trying
To lie to the world

Brave nudity

Lack of trust divides
Combines fact and judgement
Resulting in Pure fiction

You are painted as assumed as detailed as

An unknown defined by convinced surface glances


A cold person leaves
A cold person chops
A cold person


It’s freezing in heaven
I guess.

For all truly deserve the best
And sometimes the waters you test
Lead to an oasis
You can’t flourish in

Goodbye is love
Goodbye is self-love

Goodbye Love.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.