I’m a total disappointment
A pure scam
Who the fuck do I think I am
Going against your life’s plan?

I don’t stand up immediately
But my stance lands
It takes a while for me to raise my hand
Sometimes it takes that while for me to totally understand

Oh Shit
I’m about to get used
Oh Shit
They’re trying to leave me bruised
Oh Shit it’s a sabotage disguised as a loving mirage
A real ruse

Is it worth animosity?

I’m a piece of shit because I don’t fight
I just strike
Where you land after the blow is based on where you already were

Were you leading trying to hold me back?
Carry on with your horses in the air you know I’ve never cared

Were you behind trying to catch up?
Fall back with your attacks until you can keep up

Were you right by my side with tricks and trips?
To the farthest sideways go on with your bullshit

I’m such a loser because I don’t help winners win
I don’t sacrifice my morals for Prideful Sin

Happiness eluded
Relationships deluded
I guess my selfishness paid
I hope this is real I prayed

My peace of mind, the cost
Why did I stay? Find interest to play?
Believed in change
Or even Compromise
Different eyes see more than one prize
Shared vision is a lesson

Trying not to realize what’s been tossed
What’s forever lost
Because I didn’t succumb to another’s plot
Or accept the belief of what I thought

Learned to trust my vision

Threw precious time into a plot
While I let my core rot
Whacking and death dropping back into refreshed pots

Here’s the life:
A tree tall, rooted, strong
Sends through its branches winds of calm and song
So cool it’s hard to get enough of its touch

Here’s the life:
You question whether by cording branches its wind can maneuver sails for you instead of working on your row

You wonder if you wait for acorns perhaps you too will grow
So you shake branches not caring if they show signs of breaking

The life:
You want your breezes to be the only touch beautiful flowers experience
So your shade grows bigger to get The Tree out of the picture

The life:
Are we suppose to bend, bow or kneel to something with no right in its feel because you share the same field?

I’m a fucking loser who doesn’t do those deals
A real loner
Independent thinker
A fuck you in the eye stinker
Lady with a stinger

Softer than the weeping willow
If you’re killing me softly keep one eye open on your pillow

Spells I don’t blow into the wind
Live and let live
Karmic recycling

I just pray and wish I’m not confused again for firewood
If you’re going to take a look
Consider a home, a roof
While I protect from the root

Put your ax and machete down when you stand next to me
It may be inspiring

You can’t control the wind’s direction man
But you can enjoy your kite’s flight
Quit trying to carve works of nature into your Man’s Eyesight

I can be a breeze, a tornado or hurricane
Just enough, not enough or way too much

And I’ll disappoint you just the same.

Until it’s accepted I’m not here for anyone’s game, gain, fame, name or flame

Keep it Sane
Blessed by rain
Free of pain

Can you face not having your way and having no one to blame?

Can you be that brave?

Acceptance Saves.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.