Brace yourselves for a heartwarming and transformative episode of the Oddball Show! We’re thrilled to introduce our special guest, Howard Trachtman, a true champion for mental health advocacy. But there’s more to this episode than meets the eye. It’s a story of resilience, a plea for hope, and a quest to find Howard a kidney.

In this extraordinary episode, we’ll delve into Howard’s inspiring story, his tireless advocacy work, and the power of community support. But our mission doesn’t stop there. We’re rallying together to find Howard the kidney he desperately needs, turning this episode into a beacon of hope.

Join us as we unite forces with mental health advocates, medical professionals, and organ donation champions to shed light on the gift of life – a kidney that Howard so fervently requires. This episode isn’t just about awareness; it’s about making a life-changing difference.

Tune in to the Oddball Show, as we embark on this life-affirming journey with Howard Trachtman. Let’s show the world that compassion, empathy, and unity can save lives. Mark your calendars, spread the word, and become part of something truly extraordinary.


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