Join our craziest livestream show yet with JP Lime’s Ivan De Jesus and Chris Everson, Oddball Magazine’s Jason Wright, Stone Soup Poetry’s Chad Parenteau and special guest Alexandra Naughton.

It all started with Episode 6, which briefly went into the topic of pro-wrestling. Then there was the announcement for an upcoming anthology of poetry and prose about pro-wrestling. This gives Chad the idea to have us contact Alexandra, a Bay Area poet who discussed pro-wrestling with him the first time they met at a mutual reading gig. The call quickly becomes a breakdown of her one true wrestling hero, comic and performance artist Andy Kauffman. Along with Jerry Lawler and Billy Corgan, who is the subject of one of her poetry collections. And then the call breaks down into…well, it just breaks down, and hilariously so.

The conversation goes all over the place and many questions can be asked. Who is your favorite mark? Which celebrity musician turned poet is the worst? How many wresting anthems can we play spontaneously? Who is Alexandra’s roommate, and when can we talk with him? And most of all, did the hosts turn themselves into marks for an interview worthy of Kauffman? Did Alexandra turn into Kauffman? We’re too busy laughing to figure it out. We hope you laugh too.

Some pertinent links include:

Alexandra’s Tumblr page.

Purchase Alexandra’s books at Punk Hostage Press.

A poem movie based on her latest collection.

Follow her on Twitter.

She even has an IMDB page.

More information on the Beastcrawl poetry celebration.

Submit to the Working Stiff wrestling anthology.