Illustration © George Panagopoulos

Illustration © George Panagopoulos


In this shotgun wedding, the bride
reufused to give child shotgun ride
or even side-saddled
just lying there addled
or thinking little roos must have more pride.


The bride told us Jesus was there
and Jesus said, “If Mary had dared
to have me tied down
and dragged around town
I’d be dead before hitting any stairs!”


For designers is this a do or don’t?
This will either catch on or it won’t.
If brides do say yes
to gowns collecting child mess
then make a killing (which is to say, don’t).


George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA. You won’t catch him pulling punches, he tries to focus on truth above partisan politics. “I want you to be compelled to discuss my stuff, it’s about starting a dialogue, making you reflect, and hopefully laugh”

Chad Parenteau’s limericks have been seen floating around in places like Salon and Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. He is a contributing editor to Oddball Magazine.