to a dream

dream, how are you?

I am fine, been racking my mind
to find some time to write a line
and let you know your dreams are mine

I’ve been thinking that right now the dream land you live in
is the proper thinking I need to make dreams happen
like a passage, to a world where everything has a beginning
with no end

this, dream, is my recollection of last night
how you made me tired and let it all on down the line
see the sun, was in my dream, dream,

and it gave me warmth, told me to look at the sky as a passage to the north
and in this dream, dream, I was king of the valley
not this nevertown I wake up to, this nevertown palace

and in last nights dream, dream, you woke me up from my sleep
and I put my hands together in prayer, as I rose up from the sheets
and said to myself, that your dream, dream, the one you’ve made for me
is sad in itself, because the wishing tree to a degree, has left me cold
and made life not so easy, for me.

So dream, in you, I saw myself aging, without a plan to make up for
these battles I have waging on with my mind, and my hands, and this suitable iron, makes my shield a sword, and puts the world on trial.

Dream, you are a mystery, and I never see the truth
yes, dream I am misguided, because you never reveal the real you.

This dream, dream, was endless, and in the end I made up for it
by waking up in a desert with seconds to think, before the worms came and took over, and in this dream, dream, the one you made for me,

I think God was watching over my left shoulder to tell me something
he said to me “get going, or you’ll be old, with only fools gold”, and when I woke up, my hands were still together

in this dream, dream, I woke up, more head strong then ever,
because this dream, dream, I held the perfect view of heaven.

and in this dream, dream, I realized that death is only the beginning of the sentence, and heaven is endless.