Chapter 7

The message trailed off, he thought he could here that same woman’s voice, but it sounded more desperate. The call was muffled but he could hear things moving around in the background. Sense tried to call again, but once again there was dead noise. Then a weird thing happened, his phone turned back on, and an old recording of Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea, began to play. Normally a romantic song about finding impossible love in the strangest places, this song sounded slower, and the words crept into his ear. The song began to skip. Some where beyond the sea, shes there watching for me. waiting The song began to slow down. And like a record losing power it began mechanically slurring the songs words, and then speeding them up….”It’s far beyond the stars. I know beyond a doubt my heart will lead me there soon.” Then it stopped. And there was laughing. A woman’s voice laughing, and then screaming, and then suddenly, nothing.

What the hell was going on? Sense thought. There he was staring at his burglarized apartment, that same eerie phone call, and now Bobby Darin haunting him from beneath the grave. This was an unusual day. Or maybe it wasn’t maybe things happened like this all the time. No, it was definitely an unusual day. Sense’s day consisted of his normal morning routine, and then looking for jobs for about an hour, and then walking to his work at the coffee shop, about three blocks down from where his school once was. He clocked in at 9:30, took a lunch break at 2:00, and at exactly 10:45, he would go out and smoke a cigarette, and then again at 2:15 after lunch. Then back to serving paninis and bagels till 4:00, and then gone, back home to his usually non-burglarized apartment.

Sense had one friend besides himself, maybe two. But little did he know that later that night, an old friend would greet him at the common where he would sometimes go to think. And more importantly, he had no idea that this friend would try and kill him.