The season premiere of Game of Thrones should be a national holiday at this point.

Despite its unusually late launch, winter has finally come and that wasn’t the only thing that came last night if you catch my drift.

Since season four, the first episode of the season starts with a cold open, and the one for season seven served to remind people that this is Game of Fucking Thrones and people will die.

This episode, like many first episodes of the season, runs a bit slow in order to catch people up and welcome any newcomers.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens this season seeing as very little is being used from the books now.

Overall I thought it was a great episode that sets up what I think will be one of the best seasons in the series. T

The season will only be seven episodes long, so it will be sure to have substantially better pacing than previous seasons.

There are definitely a lot of moving pieces that will hopefully come together in glorious Game of Thrones fashion.


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