The mind is slow today.
As always.
It’s a Monday.
The sun shined bright today.
Day after day, winds blow
Grass grows
And I mow.

And on and on, we sit on my lawn.
To the break of dawn.
We sit on my lawn.
I mow around trees.
With the greatest of ease.
The branches, oh the branches!

I got ticks jumping on my wingtips
I got Lyme disease crawling around my knees.
I am mowing the lawn.
Singing my song.
From dusk till dawn.

I mow. And on and on.
I mow, and on and on
Till 93 till Infinity,
I mow the lawn,

Me and my Toro, mowing the side yard,
Cars drive by.
Its getting dark.
No, its not a ride on.
No I’m walking.

And I am mowing, and the grass is talking.
Don’t mow me, me and my family…
Yeah, I get to mow you, my mower is hungry…
Ain’t nothing funny, I got to mow yo, I got to mow.

I listen to Pete Rock, and look my mower is running over rocks.
And that’s alright.
Till my mower stops.
Yeah it stops.

Oh no, I’m only half done.
Jazzy Grassy Jeff,
The moon is up, and I can’t see my

Oh yeah, I’m the lawnmower man..
Get this thing done. And on an on.
I mow that lawn.
Yeah, I mow that lawn.
Yeah, I mow that lawn.
Yah, And we out.

I got a lawn to water y’all.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.