It is way too early in a season for my blood pressure to be as high as it was yesterday. There were too many moments in that game where things could’ve gone down the shitter. Thankfully, Brady reminded us why he has been a QB for this team for more than 15 years.

The defense did what it could against what was far more explosive of an offense than we could’ve wished for. The only problem is that due to several three and outs on the offense, we left our defense out there for longer than they needed to be.

The offense had a lot of bright spots and, some really shitty ones; like “baby has explosive diarrhea” shitty. There were way too many dropped passes and, fumbles yesterday. That shit cannot continue if we want to continue to win games.

David Andrews needs to get a medal for recovering fumbles twice. I don’t think people understand how crucial that was for keeping drives alive.

It appears Brandin Cooks is finally showing signs of chemistry with Brady. He still needs a bit of work but, improvements on the O-line coupled with some work on the chemistry could result in a QB WR combination that could rival that of the one made with Brady and, Moss.

Speaking of O-Line, that O-Line saw more penetration than a guy who keeps dropping the soap in a prison shower. Jenna Jameson in a gang bang would be jealous of the amount of penetration that O-Line was getting. Brady saw the floor more than bodies in a Drowning Pool Song. We seriously have to do a better job of protecting Brady and, giving him time to get to his receivers.

Next week have the makings of a trap game on our hands. I hope the team takes this opportunity to really fix things on both sides of the ball. This season is about to get harder and, we need consistency if we’re going to make it back into the playoffs.

Bonus Segment: Taking a Knee

It’s 2017 and, people are still going to war with each other on social media over what one should and, shouldn’t do during the national anthem.

Forget the possible war between North Korea and the US. Forget the war on terrorism that we’ve fought for years. People on my facebook are squaring up over what one should and shouldn’t do during the national anthem.

Someone better yell “World Star” up in here because we’re about to have several fights break out over this issue.

I can’t believe we’re still talking about this shit in 2017. Here’s what I think: You’re both right, butyou’re both wrong too.

You wanna stand during the anthem? Good for you! You wanna sit during the anthem? Good for you. No one person is more patriotic than the other. The beautiful thing about this country is that you can choose to do either of those of your free will.

In North Korea, and other dictatorships, you either partake in the anthem or die. There is no freedom in those countries, you either stand or die regardless of whether or not you actually agree with what goes on in those countries. In this country you’re standing for that anthem because you choose to, and nothing of the contrary will get you either imprisoned or killed.

The next time you see people sitting during the anthem, instead of the bitching and the guilt tripping I’ve been watching unfold, how about you say Thank God I live in a country where I am standing for the national anthem because I choose too and, not because some over zealousdictator is holding a gun to my head.

I personally stand for the anthem out respect, and because I understand what the flag means to a lot of people. I also know I live in a country where should I choose to sit, the worse I have to deal with is the criticism of my peers. I never have to worry about a bullet to my head because some motherfucker with a tiny penis feels like his ego has been blown.

I do, however, respect the rights of an individual to sit during the anthem, and those people shouldn’t be shamed because of it.

The point of the matter is that no one is holding a gun to our heads. We choose what we get to do during the anthem on any given day, week or month with no legal repercussions. That is what America is to me and should always be: The freedom to express yourselves how you want to. Not because you were told to do so, but because you chose to.

I’m also glad that these anthem protests are starting a dialogue on race that seems to only happen when a person of color gets gunned down by some trigger happy cop. Remember you choose what you get to do in this country of your own free will, and not because some dictator calls the shots.

Some sitting during the anthem should be a moment of joy,not an insult. It’s a reminder of freedoms our men and women overseas are truly fighting for. The freedom to have a damn opinion and to express that in a form as peaceful as choosing to sit or stand during the anthem.

These aren’t my final thoughts.

Stay classy….


Flemmings Beaubrun is an avid gamer and lover of music. When not working, Flemmings likes to spend his time whipping up dank beats for the masses. He also spends his weekends thrift shopping for rare video games and obscure electronics. Other times he’s in front of a TV with a giant bowl of cereal enjoying shows from the 90’s.