Wish me luck.
I am going to make it.
It’s hard out here when you’re limp.
It’s hard out here period.
But I’m gonna make it.
Back on the main island.
Back into the supermarkets
And movie theaters.
Back into the open mic scenes
And poetry workshops.
Back into the caring warm arms of poets.
Back into the warmth of the written word.
Back into headphones on the train.
Back into watching live televised sporting events!
Back to God.
Look out world.
I’m ready to jump.
Into your oceans
And surf your waves
I am gonna use your ink
And tattoo my skin.
I’m going to write a mellow song
And play it with a drumbeat.
Look out world.
Look out.
Because if I fall off
I’ll need you to bandage my knee
And tell me it will be all better
Like moms are supposed to.
And look out world when I want to have the talk,
You’ll talk to me
Like dads do.
And world when I tell you the truth.
Don’t shy away like some do
Or beat me down with your religion
Or show your sunny side to me
And leave me. With egg on my face.

No world. Look out for me.
Please someone look out for me
Or maybe I will just have to.

Cause that’s what you taught me.
Those dancing limbs are splitting far from
The apples scattered around the tree.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.