1. I listened to T-Pain’s catalog of music. For the longest time, I never really listened to anything beyond his singles. His singles were super catchy, but I wasn’t feeling his music enough to warrant listening to entire albums. I finally decided to listen to everything.

2. T-Pain’s His R&B stuff is okay to solid at best. Some of the more welcome tracks are when he decides to sing without autotune. I’d like to hear more of that T-Pain.

3. Where he really shines though is as a rapper. I’m just learning more recently that he was a rapper before he was a singer, and it shows. There are a few tracks where T-Pain raps, and my goodness does he have some BARS!!!!!!!!! Everyone needs to listen to the T-Wayne mixtape. That is some of the hottest fire I’ve heard T-Pain spit, and the best I’ve heard from Iil Wayne in a while.

4. Is it bad that I just discovered the Hip Hop collective Little Brother? Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte are straight fire 9th Wonder’s production is something else. I need some more 9th Wonder in my life. This is the most 9th wonder I’ve gotten since listening through Rapsody’s material.

5. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in Queen Latifah’s acting career that I often forget that she was a rapper back in the day. I’ve been listening to her stuff recently. Y’ALL DIDN’T TELL ME A SISTAH HAD BARS!!!!!!!!!!! Queen Latifah in her prime could body Cardi B.

6. Speaking of female rapper that could body Cardi B, Y’all weren’t gonna tell me about Monie Love? Monie Love’s “Down To Earth” is probably one of the better hip hop albums I’ve listened to recently.

7. I watched an episode of Ellen where she interviews Cardi B. Cardi B sounds exactly like Cardi B in real life.

8. The marriage of hip hop, and house in the 90s was something magical; that and New Jack Swing needs to make a comeback.

9. I’m finally starting to dig into Ja Rule’s body of work. I’ll admit I looked passed him due to only knowing him by his radio friendly singles, and that he was that guy that got bodied by all of Shady Records for talking shit about Eminem’s daughter. His stuff is actually pretty solid, and he goes pretty hard. I liked his first album (Venni Vetti Vecci) a lot more than I thought I would.

10. Wale’s The Album About Nothing is probably his best album since Attention Deficit. It’s a nice mix of quirkiness that made me fall in love with the his debut album, and the best of the more mainstream styles he adopted when he went to Maybach Music. That, and it’s Seinfeld influenced, so you can’t go wrong.


Flemmings Beaubrun is an avid gamer and lover of music. When not working, Flemmings likes to spend his time whipping up dank beats for the masses. He also spends his weekends thrift shopping for rare video games and obscure electronics. Other times he’s in front of a TV with a giant bowl of cereal enjoying shows from the 90s.