Waking up without coffee
try to stop me
can’t talk love is lofty
the realized independence
is something I can’t fool with
a play on the words of
truthful and foolish.

I write without coffee
like a robot without oil
a garbage can full of things
to destroy you
my eyes
are heavy and talking is
slow I auto tuned this
to you while I was on the road.
I hope I have coffee
and if I do it is strong
because I know life can stop me
when I’ve done no wrong
so I sing this song before 9 AM stuck in traffic.
I’m on microphone man

I’m a microphone man.
I’m a microphone man.
that that’s what I am
I’m a microphone man.
I did this poem.
Siri spoke for me before
9 AM Tuesday morning
without coffee.

I’m a microphone man!


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.