Ride sharing is a pretty valuable service that not only creates competition for the cab industry, it allows people to get to and from their destinations safely, at night, on demand.

In recent years, ride sharing has incorporated services for people with disabilities, which allow them to also schedule rides on demand. All this without having to schedule a service like The Ride 24 hours in advance only to get burnt by a driver who messed up the scheduling.

Ride sharing is a great service, but it is not without its issues.

I’ve ranted about this before, but there are too many damn cars on the road. I’ve lived in Boston my entire life, and I’ve watched the traffic get worse. I’m not entirely blaming ride share, because the increase in demand is an unfortunate consequence of a really shitty transit system. Not not only is it as robust as other systems, it doesn’t provide anywhere near the same level of service and coverage as other city systems.

The tipping point was being in rush hour traffic a few days ago, sitting at a green light and wondering why the traffic wasn’t moving only to realize a Lyft driver was dropping off a passenger.

I’ve dealt with this many times driving in the city and its outskirts. I know we have a transit system (even though it’s far from perfect), but the nature of my work requires me to utilize a car.

I really wish Boston would overhaul its infrastructure to ease the congestion, but I feel that won’t happen anytime soon.

The MBTA is working at a snail’s pace to address its issues. Hopefully the weekend repairs they’re doing will accelerate the process to some degree. They are finally adding bus lanes in Allston, so that’s a good start. They’ll be upgrading the commuter rail into a high speed line that will run more frequently. But all of this takes time.

At least I won’t be living in the city in the next two months. While I’ll miss my home city, I’ll be glad to get away from this crap.


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