“Chump Trump
Impeach the Beast
Good Night.”
That’s what my wife tells me to write.

As I
Stare at a lonesome computer screen.
On a midnight dreary…
As I
Ponder over my podcast sullen
Thinking of
some orange colored dullard.
Thinking of
Some clever thing to say.

Darkness there, and nothing more.

Do not go gentle into day lights saving time,
Rage, rage against the ringing of the 7:00 alarm clock.
I’ll let someone else speak the tirade.
I know I never drank the kool aid.
I know my vote went in a different box.

Darkness, there and nothing more.

And my heart will stop.
And the alarm will go off.


Off to the job.
The orange one plays golf.
 the orange one gets mad again.
  the orange one gets feisty.
   the orange one writes a pardon.

Free speech is forgotten.
And somewhere-
In the prison system, someone’s writing a love letter.
And somewhere-
A man shines his gun.
And somewhere-
The 32 characters are unfolding.
And somewhere–
The medicated are startled
As Medicare’s future is pondered.
‘Cause we are all surrounded, by the epidemics around us.


I guess I got a beef Commander in Chief, and here it is.
Maybe you can fix this, if you take a look at it different.
Medicare, Medicaid, (Man I hate politics)
But you increase the cost of meds for the sick,
then how are the sick going to live?
If you up the prices of medications,
then how about medications for long care patients?

Why is it to the rich so cost effective, to cut meds for people On meds who don’t have the ends to get off the meds?

Me, I am the other minority,
The one who is writing
A different story.
Sick of being a patient.

Then I think:

not      one      person      in      my      congress       cares      about      me      or      my      happiness.


You want to take the pride out of someone?
Make them riddled with doubt.
Make them feel less then.
And then take away their medication,
And line them up in the police station,
Stow them away in your Father’s basement.
Put them away like silverware in the mess hall.
And have them fall victim to a system
where each prescription written verbatim.
Takes the money from the drug companies
And puts it into our prison systems.

Outlaws on medications, hmm, that’s the premise.


And do it with quickness.
Before you, and I, and everyone else is all lost within it.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.