Over the weekend, I was browsing the internet when a friend of mine shared this article with the headline “Toni Braxton’s formerly autistic son is now a signed model, and she can’t stop gushing .

Repeat after me:

Autism is an incurable disorder that follows one from the womb to the tomb.

Let’s say it a little louder so that those in the back can hear:


Celebrities like Toni Braxton irk me in the worst way. They latch on to any form of misinformation pertaining to the spectrum, spread it to people who follow them blindly, and in turn spread the same lies.

Let’s set the record straight shall we? Diezel has not been cured of his Autism, and will NEVER be cured of his Autism. The reason Diezel looks “normal” is because Toni Braxton has the money get her son the early intervention therapy a lot of families can’t afford.

Regardless of the supports Diezel got and continues to get, he is still VERY Autistic, and will be Autistic for the rest of his life.

The fact that that the key phrase in this article is “formerly Autistic” is unfortunately a reflection of how our society still views Autism. There are people with Autism who are doing amazing things, yet we view Autism as so terrible, and debilitating that it needs to be “cured,” or eliminated.

I feel sorry that Diezel has to deal with an intolerant mother who uses him, and her star power, to paint Autism as something negative; he deserves better.

It really pains me as a guy with Autism that success in this society is independent of having a disability, and can’t be a part of the package. I know I don’t look, or even act, like what society deems as being Autistic, but I am still very much Autistic. There are a lot of things I deal with internally that y’all can’t even begin to fathom. Autism really isn’t the worse thing in the world.

You can be Autistic and still be a damn good model. You can be Autistic, and still be a success. You can have any disability and still be a success as long as you have an environment that allows you to thrive.

People like Toni Braxton are detrimental to the fight for disability rights in this society. I really don’t ask for much except to be viewed as a valuable contributor to society.

Most people on the spectrum don’t want to be cured, they just want a society willing to make the adaptations that allow them to thrive. Those that want to be cured want it simply because they’ve spent their entire life being taught that they were a burden.

Autism is dope when you give us a chance.

Stay classy…


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