A Flock of Captured Black Birds

Carried here and there, on the shoulders of a whim, those gypsy stars hightailing it into the deep regions of uncharted gray matter.

Trailing with flashes of fiery dust. Chasing zooming Infinity, furiously bending fences to suit her own vanishing horizon.

Taking, and twisting a fleeting afterglow back to reality setting off the beating winged shapes banging against the paper cage walls.

The thoughts flying around like black flecks, folding themselves up, turning into words, breaking free, leaving only their ink stains of obscure impressions.


Poet Dirk James lives in San Leandro, California where he worships Jehovah God and his son, Jesus Christ. Dirk loves putting the finishing touches to a poem or a story, relaxing with his Beautiful Wife-Muse while sipping Pina Coladas and listening to jazz music on the box. He has been published in many literary journals.

Photographer Steve Warren is a veteran, recovering addict and peer specialist who became a self taught Naturalpathic self healer. He changed his diet, started dancing, took to writing and performing poetry, and hasn’t stopped healing since.