Encore Casino: Hey guys, where should we build are casino?

Contractors: I know, you should totally build this monstrosity in an area that is already plagued with traffic issues.

Encore Casino: Great idea, have all the traffic stop at us while blocking up the other million people who want to stop an check us out while holding up the people who don’t care about our casino. Great idea, this will totally end well.

If you didn’t think Boston, and greater Boston area traffic, couldn’t get any worse, you’re in for a rude awakening. Boston has been in sort of a building boom since 2013. These guys have done nothing but build things for the last six years. More people come into this city, some with cars, and it just gets even more crowded.

Boston is in the middle of a full blown transit crisis that won’t get any better. The amount of traffic in this damn city has slowly increased to the point that the morning and evening commutes now overlap. I didn’t start driving regularly until I required a car for work. It feels like there’s never a break in the traffic. There’s a meme that states “it takes an hour to get from Boston to Boston.”This sadly ain’t even a joke. It seriously takes an hour sometimes to get from one part of Boston to the next. Now, the easy solution would be to utilize public transit. But.

Our public transit program has been broken for years, with no improvement in site. We recently had a derailment that ruined the signal system used at JFK for the Braintree/Ashmont lines. The trains have performed horrifically for years, and don’t even get me started on the commuter rail.

With our transit in the shitter, people who’d normally commute by train now drive. Those who don’t want to take the train but also don’t want to drive now use Uber/Lyft. That demand means more drivers which also means more cars on the road. I read somewhere that Massachusetts registers 7000 cars a year.

It also doesn’t help that our highway infrastructure isn’t built for the type of traffic we have now. I’ve driven far and wide through cities on roads better built for the type of traffic it has. It doesn’t eliminate traffic, but it definitely moves better unless you’re LA or New York. I know they don’t plan on expanding end of the Boston highways anytime soon because money.

It would be nice if they could at least fix the MBTA, but they can’t even do that. Boston has a serious problem that no one seems to be doing anything about. The more I deal with this shit, the happier I am about not living in this city next year. Boston will always be my home, but it’s getting too cluttered for its own good. Things will sadly get worse before they get better.

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