I have some serious qualms with the past “Game of Thrones” episode. SO MANY QUALMS!!!!!!!!!! So, those who watched this episode know that Daenerys took her dragon, and burned Kings Landing to the damn ground. Pompeii would be jealous of how badly that place got torched. Sodom and Gomorrah would be asking God to turn the temperature up to hell times infinity if they saw what Daenerys did to that city. She fucking roasted that shit so badly that Arianna Grande would be jealous of how black that place got.

There is nothing wrong with the idea that somewhere, Daenerys would be vengeful enough to burn a city to the ground. The problem is that her development hasn’t been quite consistent with the events we saw last night. Last night, we saw a Daenerys that totally forgot how she got where she was in the first place, all because the writers wanted to pander to emotions, fan theories, and “let’s go out with a bang.” To discuss my qualms, we have to go back to the beginning.

Daenerys, and her brother had lost their home. Both were supposedly the last remaining Targaryens (at least until the show writers pandered to the Rhagar+Lyanna=Jon theory which had yet to be confirmed by the books). Her brother’s plan was to marry her off to the Dothraki Khal in exchange for an army. This fails, but through a series of events, Daenerys gains the respect of the people.

Daenerys’ rise to fame came from freeing people from their oppressors which would be the main plot for many seasons. She would form alliances as a result of freeing people. Slave masters were put to death, and made examples of. Eventually Tyrion, and Varys became her advisers who would constantly warn her of her family history. They would spend time warning her against much of the mistakes her predecessors made. They would teach her diplomacy, and how to negotiate.

Daenerys did eventually run into some hiccups. The people of the north clearly liked Jon more than her. She would lose her two of her dragons, a bulk of her army, and eventually her faithful friend and advisor Missandei. It’s easy to use those singular moments alone to justify her rage, but her rage isn’t consistent with SEVERAL seasons of development. The people whom she torched in Kings Landing were no different than the ones she freed in Meereen, Slavers Bay, etc. Tyrion even pleaded with her, and reminded her that these were humans under an oppressive regime.

Her justification was that they would’ve tried to free themselves a long time ago. This would be great except, in the earlier season, there is a plot device where in her travels, she encounters people crucified for trying to resist their masters. They were made examples of to ensure no one dare tried that they did. One would think she would remember this when Tyrion pleaded with her, but it seems like this was totally disregarded in favor of executing what seemed like the most shocking plot device.

The biggest problem with last night’s episode wasn’t the outcome, but more that several seasons of writing, and character development aren’t consistent with said outcome. You can’t expect people to believe that people not liking her, people trying to betray her which has happened no more than five times, the loss of her dragons, and the loss of her advisor were enough to flip a switch that totally disregards eight years of character development. People fear her because of what she was capable of being. She had the opportunity to prove people wrong, and stand down the moment the bell rang. She even had the opportunity to just kill Ceresi who wouldn’t budge from the Red Keep for most of the episode. She had a chance to be better than her predecessors, and with her development, that seemed the most reasonable.

Instead, the writers went out with a bang just to create water cooler conversations. Daenerys fucking shit up what all I ever wanted for several seasons, but last night it felt wrong. It just didn’t make sense, and even with the events of the prior five episodes, it completely contradicts her experiences from the entirety of the series. Yes, she is a Targaryen, but her development made for some one for could be a better version of her predecessors; The kindness of a mother with the fierceness of that same mom when someone fucks with her children.

This episode was like watching the your favorite team lose the AFC/NFC Championship. A part of you can’t stomach watching beyond that, but you’re willing to sit around for one last hurrah just to see how it all ends. You invested this much time into it all, night as well finish what you started because that would be so 18-1 of you (too soon?).

Stay classy…


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