Dear Game of Thrones newcomers,

I’ve noticed quite a few of you attempting to get into GoT but are getting overwhelmed by the large number of characters that are getting thrown at you at once. As someone who has both read the books and watched the show I will admit that as awesome as the show is, they do a terrible job of introducing you to characters and explaining their origins and their purpose.

To dumb it down as best as I can Game of Thrones is exactly what implies, it is a political game of chess, war, murder, rape, regicide, and even incest all for the right to control the seven kingdoms of Westoros (about three of those kingdoms are introduced to you at the beginning with the rest to follow in subsequent seasons). The place shown in the first five minutes of the show is called “The Wall” and those men are called the “Night’s Watch”. Their job is to keep things like what you saw in the beginning from getting into Westeros.

That gets explained in more detail later as well. It seems really confusing at first but it all makes sense in due time. My advice to you is to either read the books–which I highly recommend because they’re nothing short of fantastic–or watch that first episode again.

Also, DO NOT CHOOSE ANY FAVORITE CHARACTERS. Seriously, don’t do it to yourself. A lot of people will die in this show. This show has a way of getting you emotionally drawn to a character followed by ripping your heart into a million pieces.

Stay Classy…


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