I see pain in your eyes
From mine.

Your bravery tops mine
Or equals to.

You have seen many things more
Then me.
You still stand
Strong. Free.

In harmony with your disaster made mentality
Your harvesting demons
Tilling the soil
Of all your bad memories.

Your tragic life right?
No. That stops tonight.

Look into the eye that you sleep with
Listen to the lungs you breathe with
Stop the sheep from circulating shepherd!
You are not sheepish.

You are strong as the elevated tower
Stoic. Heroic. Louder then a bomb.
You are the eleventh hour. You sir
You madam
Be proud.

Because everyone told you you were broken.
Every medicinal shaman has tried to fix you.
Every probe has marked your body.
The ECT they proudly shocked you.

The medications made to numb you
You did not succumb.
And you are still standing.

Strong. Indignant. On the mountain top.
Your sober mind, your recovering heart
Your hands left unshaken
Your heart beating
‘Cause that’s what you are strong.


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.