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Thought For the Day by HIS House

Can God give me the correct change???

It has been
said that
Thoughts Create

Words Create

Action Creates

Habits Create

Character Creates

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

I say:

A single thought began creation.
If your thoughts create bad habits,
it is time to create new thoughts.

If habits creates character
And character creates destiny

Without changing your thoughts
You already know

God created everything
even thought

changing thought patterns © 2010 Lisa Berube

Asking for change???

You need new thoughts.

HIS House

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HIS House’s “Still Mourning”

Still Mourning

Mourning is the shade of gray that lies still and
beneath the surface
In the still of morning we have little use for the
colors of the palette
Our internal tears dilute the brilliant ones
into pale watercolors
As our thoughts provide CPR
to memories of days gone by
An understandable disconnect between
our dreams and reality
A repetitive tirade of
confused words
with one own mind
As your mourning gray visits
the black and white of things

However, our gray views need to turn
blue to end
the first act
For the red shades of anger
are about to come onto the scene
Rants strike out within
and about without telling me
A voice that will not allow
mourning to remain, still
Tears that add color to our words,
unspeakable, not repeatable
Words of green for mourning
makes you envious or
When you say, “I can’t”
because you’re noticing yellow
Smog, then clear words,
as you tear apart your black and blue

The final act arrives as softer words,
like a warm
gentle breeze
Turns to silence as you
find gray center stage
Without gloss, gray, once again is
black and white
The script is clear, rip with purpose
to hoist only the white
Surrender black and reach
out to the
author of color
As you seek to renovate,
your broken heart says
Lord, please accept the grays
of my mourning soul
Place my surrender and sorrow
within the rainbow of possibilities
Allow me to share words
of comfort
shared with me
Letting my new memories
be an outreached
hand to another

Still mourning

HIS House 2008

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HIS House’s “Disappointment”


It appears in the lives of
Kings, princes and paupers
In leaders, followers and pawns
But seems more painful in me


A seasonal event
Or the weather report
Sometimes not as bad as described
And rarely lasts into tomorrow


An excuse to indulge an addiction
Or other means to keep the spirit down
Do kings princes and paupers
have the same answer to this event?


Can produce many results
It weighs you down or lifts you to new heights
It creates leaders, followers and pawns
A missed appointment is not a missed opportunity


Inebriation is a state of mind
For followers of patterns
Or pawns of the past
Leaders however
Store libations for celebrations

HIS House

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Dad Waits For His Son to Wake Up by HIS house

Dad waits for his son to wake up

As dad taps the keys my son gets his rest

He can not seem to find a way to be his best

He fills his days with dreams

Not understanding, that life is not as hard as it seems

Going to school is an act

Like making a treaty or a pact

It starts with a thought that I want to do something

It takes some time but ends with a ring

Smoking, drinking, pills, pot and hanging with the rats

Keeps you from being wealthy, like some say…”Fat”

Men can wish and hope and dream their lives away

While smoking hash, smoking dope and laying in the hay

Life has its expectations and rules

One of them for sure is going to school

It was the same when I was a young man

But I got caught up in Viet Nam

Bitterness, disappointment and anger last a long time

Look how long it has taken me to rhyme

The story is a journey every boy takes to become a man

Dads are just boys in older bodies

They successfully made the same journey as you

And know the pain even though you don’t think they do

Dope creates a mind that brings you down

You know it, I know it, so who is the clown

School will cost you time, when you hear the bell

Blow and alcohol may cost you time as well , but in a jail cell

My father had rules and your does too

It is for your good and should not make you blue\get up and do something with this illusive dream

Ask God to give you the strength and be part if HIS team

A fellow found in 1 Chronicles 4-9 named Jabez did, some might say

Follow me I have been there and know the way

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HIS House’s In this Garden Called Me, Myself and I

In this garden called me, myself and I

No wonder the cavalry stands down

That water wanders away from sight

Clouds block sun from reaching down

Or better yet the fruit from reaching up

In this garden of soil so pure

Traces of seeds uninvited

Weeds that just go to root

Pulled upon or ignored they grow

A weed’s strength crowds and shadows

The light for fruit bearing, sustaining

So why allow weeds to feed among fruit?

Wind is never still except in battle

Where even breath takes a holiday

Where the mind can alter reality

Like a dream the action is surreal

The eyes of the enemy watch for retreat

Generals’ sterile views bellow in bedlam

Yet order prevails, lines in the sand stand

The garden asks for a cool drink

As a gentle rain begins in earnest

Quietly nature continues its work

On the battle field, as dawn breaks

Fresh smells as morning awakes

Deer run and panthers pace the night

As balance is weighed out again

Mystery, misery and triumph live

In this garden, we still walk with God

HIS House

All rights reserved

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My Sunset is on the Horizon- His House

Daybreak to Heartbreak

We can not see

as dawn breaks

or witness our sunrise.

Our eyes

are cloudy

As we break

into sunlight.

To grow from innocence,

we travel

a beaten path.


for the brass ring.

Our eyes now see

and want

acting as if

we own tomorrow.

Yet from the beginning

yet never spoken,

our sunset is planned.

Our sunset is on the horizon.


sweep tears into

the eyes of those who look on


our exit

to hibernation.

And when someone’s sun sets


sweep tears into

the eyes of those who look on


our exit

to hibernation.

And fragile

like china

we all face our

Daybreak or Heartbreak