Dad waits for his son to wake up

As dad taps the keys my son gets his rest

He can not seem to find a way to be his best

He fills his days with dreams

Not understanding, that life is not as hard as it seems

Going to school is an act

Like making a treaty or a pact

It starts with a thought that I want to do something

It takes some time but ends with a ring

Smoking, drinking, pills, pot and hanging with the rats

Keeps you from being wealthy, like some say…”Fat”

Men can wish and hope and dream their lives away

While smoking hash, smoking dope and laying in the hay

Life has its expectations and rules

One of them for sure is going to school

It was the same when I was a young man

But I got caught up in Viet Nam

Bitterness, disappointment and anger last a long time

Look how long it has taken me to rhyme

The story is a journey every boy takes to become a man

Dads are just boys in older bodies

They successfully made the same journey as you

And know the pain even though you don’t think they do

Dope creates a mind that brings you down

You know it, I know it, so who is the clown

School will cost you time, when you hear the bell

Blow and alcohol may cost you time as well , but in a jail cell

My father had rules and your does too

It is for your good and should not make you blue\get up and do something with this illusive dream

Ask God to give you the strength and be part if HIS team

A fellow found in 1 Chronicles 4-9 named Jabez did, some might say

Follow me I have been there and know the way