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Negative Sex Jesus by Chad Parenteau and Green Notes by T.J Edson


Negative Sex Jesus

Negative Sex Jesus
says he just hasn’t
met the right girl,
but when he says it,
it first gets taken
as gospel, then
It’s one reason why
Negative Sex Jesus
has never dated.

Negative Sex Jesus
thought he had prospects
in Mary Madelene,
but then he said
she reminded him
of his Mother Mary,
freaking out both
Marys in the process.

Negative Sex Jesus
has a lot of virgins
who want to be his friend.
His reaction to them
is much like any person
marching in abstinence rallies
out of circumstance,
instead of choice.

Negative Sex Jesus
likes frustrated virgins
much better. He knows
he could get a good dozen
or so together for a party,
but he has bigger goals
in mind, smaller groupings,
maybe a little wine
to calm himself down.



Chad Parenteau 

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Green Notes by TJ Edson

Green Notes by TJ Edson
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Cold Metal Chair by Brendan Trider And Cold Metal Chair Visualized by OJ Mooney

Cold Metal Chair Visualized by OJ Mooney
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Goblin by Blaine Hebbel and The 1 percent by Allie Gold

I just need the mind race
the flow active
like I read they want to put turbines in the water
& Chinese want our debt down
then I remember declaring myself
an alien from all this shit
But they have a picture of me
so I can’t get away

& even through a jeweler’s loupe
there are some things you can’t get away from
dead skeletons in closet
ancestor killed for witchcraft
has bothered me for weeks
the only costume my parents ever bought me
articulated arms & head
can only sign boo, not speak it
now I’m looking at my Heineken
thinking I want another

I’m a plastic skeleton
a goblin celebrating Halloween
Night of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
further inspection reveals
Made in Hong Kong
probably by some 9 year old
now with only six fingers
fired for slower work