Cold Metal Chair Visualized by OJ Mooney

In that cold metal chair

I felt guilt as I sat in it

I’ve had so many blessings

Compared to the many who share this clinic


I felt guilt for being crazy

I should of felt guilt for my shame, of how God made me

I was strong, crazy like a dog in heat

Until I started losing sleep

And popped that pill my co-worker gave me


Back it up a second I was always living reckless

A mess but blessed with strong instincts

I can never fear failure I can smell what ya think


But in a blink; The doctors got to me

My gifts were disorders

My ADD became Schizoeffective Bi-Polar

But shit it’s who you ask in the eye of the beholder


Older, stronger, badder and bolder

A fucking molder I can break up boulders

But back then, that cage finally trapped me…


No bars, no chains, no nails, no leather

Just that cold metal chair… and this grey bloom weather


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