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The Underground Garden: When Sires Serenade, You Dance


There is no beginning except for the beginning and that begins when grandparents were dating. When classic soul jazz rhythm and blues rock Latin jazz funk and cultures were grooving together to form what we were born into, Disco and House Music, sharing the birth frequencies of hip-hop and Latin hip-hop. There is no beginning without a path.

Louie Vega is a pioneer of both Freestyle and House music producing the debut albums, both Freestyle, of Marc Anthony and India, later co-producing India’s debut Salsa album along with Eddie Palmieri, Llego La India, all while destroying New York City and worldwide danceclubs as a solo House producer and resident DJ at the weekly event, the Underground Network, or in co-DJ/producer roles with Kenny Dope Gonzalez as the Masters at Work whose albums include Nuyorican Soul, a breakthrough, collaborative classic.

I asked Louie during a pre-party dinner in Boston hosted by DJ Bruno what his first remix was. In 1985, as Little Louie Vega, he remixed Running by Information Society, which also happens to be the tune that introduced DJ Bruno to Little Louie Vega! An international, musical genre classic.

Louie Vega is a Barrio Boy Icon. When his band the Elements of Life performed One Dream during the 2007 pre-Superbowl party live broadcast, I tuned in and cried. There we were, club kids bringing this message through our Maestro Louie Vega, an incredibly talented, table rocking, rooted great Man along with musicians whose music we have enjoyed for over 20 years rocking Dolphin Stadium and introduced by Cuban Legend Gloria Estefan before Prince performed the half-time show. Another lesson in crossing over keeping it real without selling out.

Louie Vega and the music he continues to create and share have received 3 Grammy nominations for his Remixes, winning in 2006 for his EOL remix of “Superfly,” nominated in 2017 for his full length album, Starring…XXVIII, and again nominated in 2018 for his Remix of Loleatta Holloway’s Can’t Let You Go.

He continues to travel the world year round playing guest sets at parties and festivals, as Masters at Work with Kenny Dope, his wife and partner, Nulu Movement Founder Anane Vega, bringing their collaboration, The Ritual, to global events and celebrating his weekly residency in New York Roots, with Kenny Hedge, soon to begin their 14th year at Cielo!

With a classical catalogue this voluminous and prolific, DJ Bruno has mixed four and a half hours of Louie Vega grooves “because it was his time to pay tribute” choosing songs which move him. Joyous, body moving, soul stirring, voice lifting music. DJ Bruno, in his hard hitting masterful mixing, has weaved an awesome selection of House Music classics featuring legendary singers, musicians, original work and remixes spanning decades and showcasing the musical vision of a true modern living legend, from the beginning.

Bruno: Two years ago, while I laid in my hospital bed. I decided to make a bucket list. This mix was on that list. I wanted to pay tribute to one of my musical heroes. The maestro Louie Vega, It was hard choosing the right songs that would best pay tribute to him because he has sooooooo many, but I was able to narrow it down to these instant classics. All these songs were either produced or remixed by Louie Vega. I hope I did him justice 🙂 Just press PLAY & Dance Your Ass Off!

I am grateful for both of these Men. For their examples, passions, determination and humility to love.

“Press play and dance your ass off!” Enjoy the mix!


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.


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Wise Words with Bruce Wise


Michael Faraday
by R. Lee Ubicwedas

He read the books he bound, young Michael Faraday the drab,
obtaining an assistantship in Humphrey Davy’s lab,
experimenting with the flows of electricity,
discovering suspended magnets moved circularly,
inventing thus the dynamo in 1821,
producing an electric current through induction’s run,
devising laws in chemistry, with other fruitful yields,
describing forces of electric and magnetic fields,
suggesting that all of reality was limned and lined.
By thinking through the facts, he formed a poem in the mind.


R. Lee Ubicwedas is a universalist poet. His interests span the universe, a cue he takes from Eratosthenes.


Reflection For Inflectionists

in memory of Marianne Moore and Archibald MacLeish
by Ubs Reece Idwal

Like Langur monkey footprints left on Poon Hill in Nepal,
a poem’s language should be subtle, hardly there at all.
Like letter b in subtle, or the letter e there too,
a poem’s language should be hidden in an airy view.
Like the arriving of a driving, thrusting, bursting force,
a poem’s language should be awesome as it takes its course.
Like lovely rings of beige and yellow barely entered in,
a poem’s language should be pressed forth, and when centered, spin.
Like lofty lifts that softly sift through taut tautologies,
a poem’s language should be dripping with mythology.


O, India
by Sri Wele Cebuda

It is so great, while lumbering and slumbering along,
an elephant upon the land, this Bollywood in song.
It is a populated and polluted, sloppy place;
yet beautiful and gorgeous are the colours of its space.
O, India, where are you at, now as you go through time—
a drunken mixture of insanity and the sublime?
Your beauty is amazing, grand…as is your ugliness.
You are a wonder to behold, a muggy, jungling mess.
I must confess, I love your cultured hell, your tiger’s tooth
that springs at me with all the violence of blinding truth.


Sri Wele Cebuda is a lover of India, fascinated by its colour, its energy, and its capacity for change, which are at the centre of his vision of the World. He has been influenced by figures, such as Rabindranath Tagore and Srinivasa Ramanujan, and has long been a lover of its culture and its power, as can be seen in a quote of his, “In India, diamonds are everywhere.”


by Saudi Becrewel
“The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr.”

The mother of all villages was built around
400 AD. Islamic tradition claims
that Abraham and Ishmael, within the town
Bakkah, built the big Kaaba cube back in the day,
2000 BC. Since then, Mohammed called it,
630 AD, holy. The hajj then became
one of the pillars in the worship of Allah.
Now millions pray to it from all around the world,
that which had been inhabited once by Hubal.
Each year that rock within its heart around is swirled
by millions in the Masjid al-Haram, all bound
below the modern buildings rising up unfurled.


Saudi Becrewel is a poet of Saudi Arabia, including Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who secured this year, for Saudi Arabia, when Donald Trump visited, its biggest arms deal in history worth over $300,000,000,000.


The Minuet
by U. Carew Delibes

The rustic minuet’s small step
has since been swept away
by all the modern pop and pep
and fizzle of the day.

One of the first to introduce
it into music’s lair
was Frenchman Jean Baptiste Lully
of Louis’ court and care.

That king first danced it at one of
his famous, fancy balls.
Of it he could not get enough
within his brilliant walls.

He liked its bows, he liked its glide,
he liked its many steps,
to front, to side, to back, to slide
in graceful, gentle sweeps.

In suites it took its place between
the sarabande and gigue,
with countless variations seen
so it would not fatigue.

So as the 18th century
proceeded on apace,
though many dances left the scene,
it found a humble place

within sonatas and,
in classic music keys
of Haydn’s, Mozart’s, Schubert’s and
Beethoven’s, symphonies.

So, though it’s rarely danced anon,
it managed thus to stay
because of whom it chanced upon
as it went on its way.


U. Carew Delibes is a poet of France and music critic of French music.


by Cawb Delius Ree

Bellagio, a luxury casino on the Strip,
in Paradise, Nevada, slot machines and stacks of chips,
above the view of fountains synchronized to melodies,
and pink-gold sunsets set in azure-glazing reveries,
seems like another world than the ordinary one,
although it’s just the same old heaven and the same old sun,
loosed from the regular and commonplace by magic’s touch,
lost in a dreamy fantasy of ample, more and much,
as long as you are willing to put out a goodly sum,
and feast on tidbits in between thick smoke, perfume and rum.


Cawb Delius Ree is a poet of Nevada.


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The Underground Garden: UtopiaBoston Turns 24


Arriving in 1993 at the lower level of the Paradise Club in Cambridge, UtopiaBoston is DJ Bruno’s first solo event as both promoter and DJ. DJ Bruno has a 25+ year career in Boston nightlife with events for party lovers of House, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae and just about any musical mood you need to get down to. UtopiaBoston is a beloved jewel on his Crown.

Utopia became home away from The Loft for every Househead who joined their DJ Bruno from Stanhope Street over to Cambridge and every venue Utopia has brought life to. From Bill’s Bar on Landsdowne Street, to Hollywood KTV in Chinatown, to Boston Rocks in Fanueil Hall, to The Office in the Financial District, events during Miami’s Winter Music Conference and currently The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain, DJ Bruno has always found a dancefloor and Utopians have always gathered for the Love and real underground dance we know we are set to experience.

DJ Bruno started Utopia “to play other genres of house music not just the style of House Music we were playing at the Loft. Also there were a lot of talented DJs in Boston I wanted to introduce our community to. Boston has a lot of amazing DJs. I wanted Utopia to be a source of inspiration for them.”

In the early 2000’s, UtopiaBoston moved from physical structure to online presence with DJ Bruno’s weekly (sometimes daily!!!) online radio show, UtopiaBoston Radio. Bruno also releases annual Best of CDs highlighting the tunes that turned Utopia out that year as well as monthly CDs (we’re spoiled!)!

Not only has UtopiaBoston been a constant beacon in Boston nightlife with its party and mixes, with UtopiaBoston, local artists have been able to share their talent and music with the world via the UtopiaBoston label imprint.

b1DJ Bruno, DJ, Promoter, Producer, Label Head, HOUSEHEAD. All the love is deserved and inspired as this Saturday night UtopiaBoston recognizes and celebrates its (our/your!) 24 years in ass shaking! Manning the decks all night, DJ Bruno is bound to travel musically with his technical skills, natural talent and pure passion he has shared with us all of these years. Joining Bruno will be Original Boston Househead Cynthia Bouges Seller ( /?fref=ts) who will be showcasing her beautiful artistic skills on canvas all night. Deep House, Live Art, Beautiful People = IT’S A PARTY!

I thank you Bruno for all of the hard work I have seen you go through and put in for all of us, and yourself. Your work has allowed us to enjoy endless nights of joy and witness legendary House vocalists such as India, Barbara Tucker, Byron Stingley and Ultra Nate. Bruno reminisces his “most memorable night is when we brought India. We picked her up from her house, got her McDonald’s, then we got Willie Ninja and we drove to Boston while India sang for us and told us stories. SHE WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!” That night and performance were too!!

As long as I am alive I will continue to keep UTOPIA going.” – DJ Bruno

UtopiaBoston celebrates 24 Years and a special birthday celebration for Mikey Rivera this Saturday night at The Milky Way, 284 Armory Street, JP. No Dress Code! 21+ with 10 p.m. doors and a $9 cover.

Support the leader who has supported the community; enjoy the community you have all lead into existence. UtopiaBoston will always be a reflection of Boston House Music. #INTHEBOOKS

This love we all share is a testament to UtopiaBoston’s message “If we can dance together, we can live together.” Hello Neighbor, let’s dance.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect

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Poem by Kushal Poddar


A Flat Suite For Thursday

The brown rivulet
gurgles to the black.

It rained. A formless
canine left some whine

in the wind. I woke
up way late. I sleep

back into my dreams-
rivulets speaking about

the plants. Outside,
raincoats drag men, women

to the great gate of
the mill. Without looking,

I can say, they look
like an assembly-line

bringing the Thursday
into shape.


Artwork  © John Bowman
Artwork © John Bowman


Born in a warm corner of India, a lone child and brought up with his shadow mates, Kushal Poddar began writing verses at the age of six. He adopted his second tongue as the language to dream on. Widely published in several countries, he has been featured in various radio programs in Canada and USA and collaborated with photographers for an exhibition at Venice and with performers for several audio publications. He is presently living at Kolkata and writing poetry, fictions and scripts for short films when not engaged in his day job as a counsel/ lawyer in the High Court At Calcutta. His poetry collections include The Circus Came To My Island and two forthcoming: Kafka Dreamed Of Paprika and A Place For Your Ghost Animals.