A Flat Suite For Thursday

The brown rivulet
gurgles to the black.

It rained. A formless
canine left some whine

in the wind. I woke
up way late. I sleep

back into my dreams-
rivulets speaking about

the plants. Outside,
raincoats drag men, women

to the great gate of
the mill. Without looking,

I can say, they look
like an assembly-line

bringing the Thursday
into shape.


Artwork  © John Bowman

Artwork © John Bowman


Born in a warm corner of India, a lone child and brought up with his shadow mates, Kushal Poddar began writing verses at the age of six. He adopted his second tongue as the language to dream on. Widely published in several countries, he has been featured in various radio programs in Canada and USA and collaborated with photographers for an exhibition at Venice and with performers for several audio publications. He is presently living at Kolkata and writing poetry, fictions and scripts for short films when not engaged in his day job as a counsel/ lawyer in the High Court At Calcutta. His poetry collections include The Circus Came To My Island and two forthcoming: Kafka Dreamed Of Paprika and A Place For Your Ghost Animals.