The Oddball Hour With PB n’ J, Episode 4: Tripping Out on Poetry

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National Poetry Month Burnout is upon us. And it feels soooooo good! Join us for another episode of our podcast as Chad Parenteau, Toni Bee and Jason Wright return exhausted to [...]

Oddball Magazine’s Poetry Marathon Presents: David P Miller

By |2014-04-21T20:47:02-04:00April 21st, 2014|Oddball Magazine's Poetry Marathon|

  Back and There Again Elbows at eye level and instrument cases in the aisle, the city bus passes by the pranksters’ university across the bridge through the music school barrio [...]

Second Day Poetry Festival: Word Sugar Crash by David P. Miller

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I stand at the intersection and listen to the obsessed buzz of the pale walk-light man, a man never known to actually walk, as I scan the streets for my wife. [...]