My Card in A Snit

You never ever give me any giggles.
I’d love to fetch you an alpaca bedroom set.
Wouldn’t you like an 18-speed alabaster blender
with a mahogany base? Personally, I’ve been lusting
after a pair of lime-green alligator skin slippers.
I mean, I couldn’t wear them but you’d look hot.
For a change.

But no,
            you send me off on these fool’s errands.
Chasing after political candidates who always lose.
In other states even! Coulda been a Kentucky senator.
Shoulda been a Texas governor. Hypocrite,
what do you care about Texas?
You’ve never even been to Kentucky.

Don’t forget your anniversary. How about getting her
a faux wolverine stole in peach with a chartreuse
Daffy Duck clasp? So retro. I mean literally.
(She’s not a vegan, right?)

Oh dammit, there you go. One more lousy CD
of weird modern music that everybody hates.
Including and especially me.


“Midnight Blue” © Alisha White


David P. Miller’s chapbook, The Afterimages, was published in 2014 by Červená Barva Press. His poems have appeared in Meat for Tea, Ibbetson Street, Painters and Poets, Wilderness House Literary Review, Oddball Magazine, Incessant Pipe, Muddy River Poetry Review, Stone Soup Presents Fresh Broth, Fox Chase Review and the 2014 Bagel Bards Anthology, among others. His poem “Adagio on Vinyl” appears in the 2015 volume of Best Indie Lit New England.

Alisha M. White, Ph.D. is an a/r/tist, teacher educator, and assistant professor at Western Illinois University. Her work revolves around disrupting constructions of ability, integrating arts into her research, and teaching future teachers the potential for using the arts in teaching English language arts.