Signed Your One True Love, A Poem by Matt Ganem


I miss you so much
Please come back to me
Dying for your touch
But you will need me eventually
Its been a while
But I’m still in your thoughts
Running wild
Our love will never stop
The affair your having
That’s easily forgiven
I sit back here laughing
While you’re trapped in my prison
Holding me hostage
Begging to breathe again
I’m blessed with the knowledge
We share this life till the end
When you were the lowest
I was there to pick you up
Saved you from feeling hopeless
When you were down on your luck
Patience is simple to handle
Because its only a matter of time
Till everything gets dismantled
And your misery I collide
I take you to paradise
Lift you above the clouds
You need me in your life
When it all falls down
The years have treated you well
While you still fantasized about how good it could be
We had to through hell
But I know you were meant to be with me
Walking hand and hand into forever
In sickness and health
We will always be together
There is no one you can blame but yourself
Don’t you remember the good moments we shared
And the happiness you’d bring
From someone who truly cares
That used to do anything
Just so I could be inside
Feeling every part of you
Theres no reason to hide
Denial is a small obstacle
We are a perfect match
It is your destiny
To walk down that path
That leads you back to me
This is only a reminder
Leaving you my heart in a note
Our love is still a burning fire
Signed your one true love…………Dope


© James Conant

© James Conant


Matt Ganem, a Boston based Poet born May 1, 1985, an ex-addict that has been clean since April 21, 2006, father to a handsome son, author of the book The Shadow of an Addict and a spoken word artist that performs all around Boston, Massachusetts.

James Conant is a Cambridge artist who has recently added photography to his skills, which include clay sculpture, pen and ink, montages, and pencil art. He is always available for work and collaboration.


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