What does a life mean?
If there is nothing inside?
I’m buying cheap grace,
When I don’t know true value.

I pray to be a living sacrifice,
With every blood cell in my circulatory,
With every gland of my endocrine.
Please make me a nonconformist,
To the merciless patterns of this world.

If my eyes encage my existence,
If my esurient tongue starves me of righteousness,
Renew me with enduring faith and a prevailing spirit,
So that I may expand my blessings to others,
And be courageous in the face of evil.


Andrew Borne is 2 Cups Poet 1 teaspoon Musician 1/4 teaspoon Salt 1/2 cup Absurdity 3/4 cup Chef 1 egg, beaten 2 1/3 cups Family Man. Mixed together and served raw. His column appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.