Live every day like it is your last. Don’t regret anything.

(I am so sorry)

What goes up must come down
I must learn to calm down
Let things go
Like people
Places and memories
Of those places and people
Artifacts of theirs
Try and remember the good times
And friendships that you have
They bind us to a greater understanding
That we travel alone
Accompanied by our own theme music
Too bad I force people to listen to mine.

This is the sounds in my head
Already half dead
I write instead
Because I break bread with my enemies
And all of them know me

And it’s all gravity not withstanding
I wasn’t in Gods plan
But here I am planted
Swing for the fences
Forever slanted wishing
I could speak to you
Without overdosing or avalanching

The voices


Jason Wright is the founder and Editor of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly.