Welcome back to another chapter!

How did you fare with the last chapter’s discussion and depiction of your Recovery Home’s front door?

Leave us your thoughts and what you’ve cooked up in your imagination in the comments down below.

For today: I have a short chapter for you all.

Today we are going to identify ONE room in our Recovery Home.

What would that one room look like? Be as detailed as possible. Mine, so far, isn’t fairly detailed but I have ideas as to what I would put inside it.

My one room in my Recovery Home is like a little library. I would have big wooden bookcases on two walls filled with all the books I own and have read or more often, have yet to read. There would be a desk–made of what I’m not yet sure–in the corner of the room with two windows on either sides of the desk. There would be fairy lights surrounding the book shelves, desk and the windows. I think the windows looking out to either the side of the house or the backyard would be the most fitting for me. I’d also have a small lamp on the desk, too and of course there would be a comfortable chair in the room.

Not only would I have books in this room, but I’d have drawers from my desk as well as one of those wheelie stands with box-like compartments (like one box stacked over another box kind of thing) filled with my stationery. I’d have a bountiful amount of to-do lists, planners, journals, goal setting sheets, pens and markers, page flags and a few lotions and fidget toys like squishies and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.

Lastly, in this room, I’d like to try and shove in my art supplies too, which I think would fill the room up pretty easily. I’d have my boxes of photography props, a basket of my real life art supplies box (it’s a white wicker basket with white and pink trim cloth at the top), paint tubes, watercolor sets, paint brushes, scrapbooking pages and tons of stolen magazines I got from therapy offices (bwa-ha-ha!), bags of washi tape, sketchbooks, creative writing folders, notebooks and loose leaf pages, and some of my already made artwork hanging up on the walls.

I think because I already have so much jam packed in this room that I’d have another room elsewhere in my Recovery Home for more of my art and artwork related projects.

But that’s just my current idea, at least.

What would your one room look like?

Remember, mine is just a starting point. I don’t know what the floor would be like, the color of the walls, if there’s wallpaper, what kinds of fairy light shapes I’d have, how much of my art supplies would be designated for this room, where I’d place my projects–either in this room or in another one, etc.

Try and think about this over the next couple of weeks. What do you want your one room to look like? How would it shine? What could be improved? What are the nitty gritty details you can uncover to make it come into your current reality today? What do you need to adjust and shift to make it exist?

Keep thinking, keep brainstorming and utilize that journal of yours to write down your thoughts today because who knows, maybe tomorrow or two months from now or three years from now, your ideas will shift, change and transform. Anyways, thank you so much for reading!


“Hi, my name is Raquel Lyons, and I’m a twenty-six year old college graduate having completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I love creating artwork in various juggling fashions, including: photography, creative writing (particularly Loki centered Avengers fan fiction), graphic design, filming, beaded bracelets, water coloring, painting, drawing, coloring and scrapbooking. You can find me over at my main blog under the name “RecoverytoWellness.” I hope you enjoy my articles from a lived experience perspective from mental health conditions and recovery focused work and feel free to leave me a comment anywhere on social media, I’d love to chat with you! Stay safe!! xxx”