Illustration ©  Eric N. Peterson


Six Feet Apart

Where are we, as human beings
On one earth, now?
Illusions of separation
Create actual separation
By devastation through touch.
Discrimination heightened by
Isolation into seclusion when
Division should be excluded.
United States United only by paper,
Flesh and convenience.
Leniency to health gaps
Highlight wealth craps
In the rolling dice of capitalism.

Every roll of paper,
Every animal of nature,
Every existential layer
Is up for the taking.
Darwin is alive and well.
Hurry now while supplies last!
Not so fast…you’re an outcast.
Nastiness in everyday shopping.
Dropping morals
To mask our fears
Since the gears of money
Is All that matters.
Mad hatters of policy
Spread phobias
Like disease with ease.

All we see is panic by news,
Cases by clues,
Death by blues.
What about stillness (breathe deep) with breath,
Wellness (pause) with air
Recovery with water.
No! We need the biggest houses.
The strongest trucks.
The fastest cars.
The deadliest food.
The fanciest clothes.
The shiniest jewelry.
Another pipeline busted.
Another unarmed killing.
Another war started.
Another luxury.
Another luxury.
More. More. More.
Gimme gimme gimme
It all it’s mine!
You’re poor? You’re lazy.
You’re a convict, so die.
No insurance, so die.
Wrong symbol. Wrong nation.
Wrong state. Wrong town.
Wrong skin tone. Wrong gender.
Wrong lover. Wrong blood.
Even though the same DNA
Is in Every Last One of Us.
The Only difference
Is matter of degree.


His name is L.U.C.CI., which stands for Listening, Understanding, Caring, Considering, Inquiring. He is a poet, actor and comedian, also known as a “Pactormedian”. As a child of Mother Earth and the Universe, his goal is to spread the vibrations of peace and love through his art and life as a human being.

Eric N. Peterson is from Atlanta, Ga. He’s been drawing cartoons all his life. He leans towards the absurd, imaginative, and the surreal, as that’s where all the flavor is.