How do I prove that I belong on the mic with all of you?

Alright let me try
Well been writing nearly half my life through times of strife and lows and highs
Instead of taking the knife and plunging it into my side
I write
I admit it I’m not the best at it
And each time I read an old poem
I need to write a new
Or each time I feel like shit
Which happens more then I’d like to admit
I do this rhyming and writing to deal with this microcosm of ink and blood
And i don’t feel disrespected when not mentioned as a serious wordsmith
I know I’m a legend at the thought projection
And I guess I don’t need accolades to step up on the mic
And let my mind leak out tonight
I was born with an illness
And it turned beliigerent and made me different
And I’m not a hero
I’m not the president
I’m just a writer tipping my hat to anyone who represents and does it with mental illness
Cause you my friend with the rolled up sleeves with scars that bleed
And you who is buried in indifferent messages quicksand makes it hard to breathe
And you who holds your head and wondered what death is like
Try writing and let these lows and highs mean something
Elevate to the next level
Take your scarred arms and grip the guitar and strum the strings with your finger tips
Life is a hanging cloud
Sometimes we do pull ups with the stars
Or we put down a lyric so hard
That it illuminates the dark
And sometimes you can change the game
With words
Yeah my mind is like a scrabble game
Sometimes boggle
Sometimes I react to the world and sometimes I remain in the shadows
And sometimes i feel like Someone’s watching me
While I walk
That’s paranoia talk
Sometimes rain pours so hard
And the bills pile up
And always the mind keeps breaking down
But in my own world I wear the crown
You can too
Dream big kid, dream big
Make the ink that flows from inside you throughout each vein
Pulse out with paper and pen
And feel that catharsis
The soul release
Because for one minute you feel like you have done something
And what
you did

Do I belong on this mic?
Probably not
Did I sound confident?
Probably not

But I’ll prove it to all of you
Till the day that I die
That I belong
On each and every mic
I step to

And I will be remembered.