Photography © Glenn Bowie


Idols of Our Past

The idols of our past no longer smile upon us
Their blessings and magic have gone
And all that’s left is consumption and legal pills
Priestesses and potions of a different religion
One with a hand over each and every mouth
Quieting our prayers of supplication
Forcing a whisper in the cathedrals and mosques
But shouted from the pages of 1000 websites
100000 tweets and 1000000 blasts of cum
The romantic secretions of the walking dead
The emotional zombie class we used to call middle
Used to call upwardly mobile
But who now just sit and fuck and consume and die
Leaving an every thickening slim layer behind
A directional trail or deviant map for the next generation
But at least it’s something to follow
Since the voice of God has abandoned us
And the lights of a vibrant future have gone dark


TA Harrison is a writer and philosopher on the autism spectrum. A world traveler, a veteran of combat, the product of an impoverished Midwestern home.

Glenn Bowie is a published poet, lyricist and photographer from the Boston area. He also owns and operates an elevator company that supplies custom-built elevators for clients from New England to Hollywood. Author of two poetry and photograph collections (Under the Weight of Whispers and Into the Thorns and Honey) on Big Table Publishing, he donates all profits from his books to various charities for the homeless and local animal shelters.