Artwork © Eric N. Peterson


If Biden is in the White House, does it mean Republicans are losing the War on Christmas?

How come school shootings never factor into whether we’re feeling the holiday spirit?

How have you felt ever since the right wing media and pundits first became outraged over “Happy Holidays” and other similar phrases suggesting inclusiveness, tolerance and genuine good will? Are you a soldier in the army of Christmas? Are you a conscientious objector who stays indoors until the holiday is over while you play that one song by The Pogues over and over?

Whatever category you fall into, we’d like your take on this.

Go to our Submittable page. Send us your best poems, short fiction and artwork (definitely artwork!) on the theme of “The Christmas Wars” by Sunday, December 18 at midnight.

Whether you’re a gun totting elf or a snowflake praying for global warming to put an end to Trump’s uber-white Christmas, send us your work today. Above all, remember to take care of yourselves (and someone else if you can) this holiday season.

The Oddball Staff.