Meanwhile Back at Doc Frankenstein’s Apartment

The lab is such a mess today.
Body parts scattered about.
Blood and human goo cluttering
the workbench
and on my stool is a
Ouch! I just sat on a hand
with very pointy finger nails.

Can’t seem to finish anything, my fingers going numb
as I keep sewing and sewing.
Head to neck, neck to torso,
hand to wrist, foot to ankle.

Ack! Now where
did I put the

Oh never mind.

This job is so damn hard, you’d think
that assembling a dead man
from parts of humanity
to reanimate him
would be quite simple.

And you’d be wrong.

Its frustrating.
And difficult.
Like a small child
trying to put ice cream back
inside a waffle cone
after it plopped
onto the grass
at the
County Fair.


Steve Bell has been writing poetry for over twenty years. He was an insurance agent for thirty-one years while simultaneously engaging in community activism; public education, mental health care, and disability rights. The inspiration for his poems comes from his faith in God, family struggles with mental illness, social justice issues and at times a warped sense of humor. He holds a BA in Political Science and lives with his wife Gina in Colorado Springs.

Nicholas J.J. Smith is a photographer, philosopher and musician based in Sydney, Australia.