I once wrote out a gratitude list.
First it was food, family, friends, but then it expanded.
So I will try and recreate it, now that my mind is warmed up a bit.
Here it is, in no particular order.

Thanks for. Grateful for, 2019.
Apples, cause they taste good.
Apple Pie cause it reminds me of the good times.
My wife, my dog, my family,
even though they can’t seem to see eye to eye.
This magazine, God I am so thankful for it.
My mind, cause as much as I deplore it,
I explore it, every inch of it.
Every day, every Second, Every minute.
I am grateful for my lungs
and that my heart has blood flowing through it.
Medicine, cause it keeps me up when I am down,
and surprise down when I am up again.
Toxins, that they only stay in my system for a night or so.
This lyrical flow, cause without it
I would have been dead so long ago.
My dad, cause I like my mind fucked sometime.
My mom, cause she has always been there in life.
My bro, cause you know what when the chips are down,
you are always in my corner,
fixed my car in your tux, on your wedding day,
that’s stuff that I can’t forget.
My sister Andrea, cause she has a good heart
and has been through so much,
and even though she has experienced a lot of loss,
she has a lot of love.
My sister Amy, cause man she is tough,
she is a good mom, and a good friend,
got a good mind, and I think that’s enough.
Lisa, wow, have we been through it, thank you so much
for putting up with my bullshit.
I love you.
And Obi, little buddy, thanks for being part
of my little fucked up family.
So, what else am I grateful for.
There’s so much more, so fuck it lets go,
what else do you want me to say?
Pens, black and blue.
Notebooks, keyboards, Oddball Magazine and you.
Chad, my bro, look what we created,
I celebrate you, thanks man, couldn’t do what we do daily
if it wasn’t for your constant backing me.
TJ, Andrew, A.J. and the OB crew, IE my friends.
Thanks. Hope this never ends.
And Celtics Basketball, man I am thankful for y’all.
And you reading this, Wise Words from Bruce, U
nderground thoughts from Liza,
Lizi, Flemmings, man I am proud of you all.
thanks for keeping 100, with Oddball.
And thank you loyal readers,
you are the dopest piece of the puzzle.
Cause I got my JT column, every day keeps my hustle on
and lets me flex my mental muscle, get through this struggle.
Motherfucker, I love you!

Happy Thanksgiving


Jason Wright is the editor and founder of Oddball Magazine. His column appears weekly. His new book is Train of Thought.