This Vivid Remembrance

A breath in the morning, quiet zone
that drifts the way a notion does
in dream, calling in the night that
falls, in the cinders of wakeless
hours. Time’s monuments, here
left unattended, the grand map
of space is in God’s hand. Trials

these vacuous zones that tremble
before the touch. I wait in the
morning for my love, my crush.
It is Valentine’s day, the heart
is full, & the embers of a memory sparkle
in the distance. Notion of light
awakening & the resonance of
stillness. I hear a silence that
is louder than death, these waking
hours I tremble before the idea.

Dream of transitions & a slow
metamorphosis. Calling in the
night that falls. I am taken
along in a drift of petals, O
plum blossoms of my past
alight. The advent of cool spring
& life in Chiba, Japan.
Memories, always these crisp
memories I see glint in the
night sky, stars revolve as
embers in your heart that
swim in the currents of remembrance.

Let us reflect for a moment.
The world has no doubt
changed, but I am still the
same. Trials of luminous
sequences, of God’s test
upon man, & woman, in
these stages of paradise.


Seth Howard the author of two chapbooks: Out of the East, & Waters from a Well. His work has appeared in Otoliths, BlazeVOX [books], unarmed journal, Big Hammer, Oddball Magazine, Chronogram, Saudade, and Elephant. He graduated from the University of Connecticut, & studied abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo for three years. In his spare time, he enjoys the practice of Zazen, watches J-drama, & co-edits CAPSULE Magazine in New London where he lives.

Art can illuminate even the most elusive and difficult to comprehend ideas. Visual rules and tightly codified visual metaphors help scientists communicate complex ideas mostly amongst themselves, but they can also become barriers to new ideas and insights. Dr. Regina Valluzzi’s images are abstracted and diverged from the typical rules and symbols of scientific illustration and visualization; they provide an accessible window into the world of science for both scientists and non-scientists.